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Send Students to Cooking Matters

We have 150 kids and teens in need of financial assistance - will you help us?

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Saturday, November 18th, is #Give18!

Throughout the week leading up to #Give18, we’re seeking 150 people to send 150 students to Cooking Matters! Is that you?

Your $72 gift strengthens a student’s food security and helps them develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

  • A one-time donation of $216 sends three students to Cooking Matters
  • A one-time donation of $72 sends one student to Cooking Matters
  • A one-time donation of $18 provides ingredients for Cooking Matters classes

From learning how to hold a knife to understanding the importance of whole grains, your support imparts critical food skills that will impact a student for the rest of their life.

Make an even bigger impact by making a monthly gift. Join our #Give18 movement today!

Kids and teens in Cooking Matters learn about food groups — and how to make choices that are healthy and delicious.

"Eating healthy tastes good and feels good!" - Wiley, 10th grader

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About 18 Reasons

18 Reasons offers four, multi-week cooking and nutrition education programs for youth, families, adults, and birthing parents: Cooking Matters, Planned & Prepped, Food as Medicine, and Nourishing Pregnancy. Each year, we teach thousands of families to buy, cook, and eat good food on a limited budget.

18 Reasons partners with community organizations, health and medical centers, and schools to bring our teaching teams to students in the communities where they live. Students come from under-invested Bay Area neighborhoods in Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco counties and all programs are free of charge.

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